Directed by:  Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Richard Tyson, Aphrodite Nikolovski, Jordan Trovillion, Julie Kline, Erika Hoveland, Phillip Shaun DeVone, Tevis Marcum, Christine Marie and Chevonne Wilson.

The vampire genre gets transcended and elevated in this intimate and equally thrilling saga with three stories

that unfold in interlocking episodes, "Blood Immortal" explores the desperation and desires that unsettle the lives of its immortal vampire characters: a vicious land speculator Mr. Duncan (Richard Tyson) subdues an offer to a dying widow and mother that resorts to vicious coercion; only for centuries later Josephine now herself fending for her daughter's survival after she drinks tainted blood in the aftermath of an economic collapse, and a lonely economics professor forms an unlikely bond with one of her students, who happens to secretly be a vampire. "Blood Immortal" captures the human condition and portraits of women in this tale about survival, economics, and love.


Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Julie Kline, Aphrodite Nikolovski, Patrick O'Lear, Harley Wallen

Hayden, a high school female wrestler poised to be the champion of her state as she struggles with her Mother's declining health and team-mate's abusive behaviour.

WITHIN (2015)

Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Peter M. Howard, Jaclyn Strez, Terrence Lee Cover, Matt Druminski, Robert P. Young, Jordan Trovillion

Jacob is a hopeless Detroit romantic looking for love in the digital era. After miserable dates, he looks for life's meaning through a series of philosophical readings on synchronicity. But Jacob can't seem to get anything right. His life goes on a downward spiral that includes being disconnected from society and even family, being trapped at his dead-end job at a diner, and failing to find the right woman. Eventually, Jacob has a brief encounter with a stranger visiting Detroit who can ultimately allow Jacob to discover a renewed purpose to his life.


Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Alana Jo Beckman, Athena Isabel Lebessis, Dan Howard

"Olivia's Cross" is the tale of Olivia, a 9-year-old girl reeling from the recent loss of her mother. Olivia and her grief-stricken father attempt to deal with their bereavement by escaping to the scenic northern Michigan wilderness for the weekend. When Olivia awakens to find herself all alone in the wild, she must learn to summon all of her courage, hope and faith in order to survive in this latest film from Robert Joseph Butler, the award-winning director of "The Spirit of Isabel"


Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Aphrodite Nikolovski, David G.B. Brown, Jacob Hodgson, Dan Howard

In a story of survival in an economically collapsed Detroit, a young woman named Isabel struggles to get by. All alone, desperately seeking work, and on the verge of eviction from her apartment, she hits the streets as a... part of the world's oldest profession. Ashamed and tormented, she refuses to give up, having faith that hope and redemption are just around the corner. In a world growing smaller, and exponentially more dangerous, can Isabel find the strength to carry on?

RETREAT (2009)

Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Lindsay Rootare, Vikki Gasko

Retreat is an ethereal character study about Alexis, an alienated teenager who's shy, isolated, and keeps to herself. Disconnected from her family, classmates, and environment, Alexis gravitates to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to the monumental Picture Rocks National Park where she gets in touch with her mind and spirit.

SOLITUDE. (2009)

Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Aphrodite Nikolovski, Sarah Manasseri, Jacob Hodgson, Matt Druminksi

A deconstructionist cinematic polemic, "Solitude" delivers a vital and potent commentary on the current state of cinema today. Exploring the dichotomy of both independent and Hollywood movies, Solitude is a visually stunning and provocative film that leaves audiences fascinated and engrossed.


Director: Robert Joseph Butler

Starring: Tiren Jhames, John Anton, Fred McKenzie, Jimmy Doom

Daniel Saxon (Tiren Jhames) is an aspiring writer with a life that mirrors the twisted world he habits: vacant. Abandoned. Burnt-out and fragile. While struggling to finish both his novel-in-progress and the unwritten story of his life. As Daniel continues to write, Daniel begins to struggle against his dormant inner demons - cryptic memories from his past come to haunt him. Nightmares of his father and a deafening heartbeat plague him without remorse, keeping his relationship with his father remote and detached, and matters are only complicated when they begin spilling over into reality.

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