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Directed by Robert Joseph Butler | 102 min | MI

Starring: Richard Tyson, Aphrodite Nikolovski, Jordan Trovillion, Julie Kline, Erika Hoveland, Phillip Shaun DeVone, Tevis Marcum, Christine Marie and Chevonne Wilson.

The vampire genre gets transcended and elevated in this intimate and equally thrilling saga with three stories
that unfold in interlocking episodes, "Blood Immortal" explores the desperation and desires that unsettle the lives of its immortal vampire characters: a vicious land speculator Mr. Duncan (Richard Tyson) subdues an offer to a dying widow and mother that resorts to vicious coercion; only for centuries later Josephine now herself fending for her daughter's survival after she drinks tainted blood in the aftermath of an economic collapse, and a lonely economics professor forms an unlikely bond with one of her students, who happens to secretly be a vampire. "Blood Immortal" captures the human condition and portraits of women in this tale about survival, economics, and love.

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